Zxsw-a Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

Zxsw-a Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine

  • Zxsw-a Fully Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Printing Machine
Model No.: ZXSW-A
Min. Order: 1
Place of Origin: china
Brand: innovo

Product Description

ZXSW-A Series full automtic stop cylinder screen press which adopts the classical stop cylinder technology with the advantages such as:paper located exactly and steadily,high precision,high speed,low noise,high degree auto matizaton and so on,it is suitable for printing on ceramic and glass applique,electron industry(film switch,flexible circuitry,meter panel,moblie telephone),advertisment,packing and printing,
brand,textile transfer,special technics etc.

1.Classical stop cylinder mechanism,sylinder stops step automatically to ensure the forehead of the printing stock can be sent accurately to the girpper of cylinder,which is up to extreme highprecision:
at the same time,gripper of cylinder and pull side-lay both have the magic eyes for supervising if the printing stock is in correct place ,which can reduce the waster effectively.
2.The bottom of convey table with vacuum adsorption,assermbled with the pull and press mechanism,ensure printing stock deliveryed smoothly.
3.Two cams separately control the movement of squeegee and ink -return blade:squeegee with the pneumatical pressure kept devic,the printing graphics is more clearly and the ink layer is more well-proportioned.
4.The screen frame rack can be pulled out,which is easy for adjusting the register or feeding,as well as cleaning the cylinder and screen frame;at the same time,it is assembled with device to hold the ink dropped to avoid the ink drops on the cylinder.
5.Main transmission and main parts lubricate automatically,prolong the using precision and machine life in effect.
6.The whole machine controlled by PLC,can choose touch screen for operating,which is vrey easy and high degree automatism.
7.It can be used with JB Series screen drying machine,UV dryer,UV & IR dryer and automatic stacker to form the full automatic scree printing line.

Main Technical variables
Model ZXSW-A720A ZXSW-A 800A ZXSW-A 1020A
Max.paper size
Min.paper size
Max.printing size
Paper thickness
Printing speed
Total weight
Overall size
3P 380V 50Hz 7.8KW
3P 380V 50Hz 7.8KW
3P 380V 50Hz 10.5KW

Feed board

Cylinder and register system

Squeegee system

Rack disengagement
Purchasing scheme:

One:Suit for UV series printing
Full Automatic Stop Cylinder Screen Press+UV Photofixation machine+Full Atuomatic Stacker(Optional)
Power of whole machine : 35.5kw
Power of main part : 7.8kw
Power of UV solidify machine :26.6kw( power of lamp:8kw3+ blower :1.1kw2+ moto:0.37kw)
Power of Automatic stacker : 1.15kw
Characteristics :
It is suitable for UV series screen printing , contains UV special effect such as UV spot varnishUV full varnishUV moshaUV refractionUV frothcolor crystal etc and fake against printing.

Two: Suit for color ink printing of paperplastic and other single paper materials
Full-automatic Stop Cylinder Printing Press + ZX Series Screen Drying Machine
Power of whole machine : about 29.6kw
Power of main part : 7.8kw
Power of JB series screen drying machine : about 22kw( power of heating silk thread :6kw3 groups, main motor:1.5kw, blower :0.25kw5, cooling blower : 0.12kw7);
When the dryer used with the printing machine together, the power is offered by the printing machine and it is necessary to start the dryer motor.
Application :
Paper and plastic, such as general papertransfer paper and so on . it meets the need of packing and upholstering products such as paper casespaper boxes and drumbeating pictures.

Three:Color Ink,UV Series
Full-automatic Stop Cylinder Printing Press + UV&IR dryer + Automatic delivery (optional)
Power of whole machine : about 89.75kw
Power of main part : 7.8kw
Power of UV&IR dryer : 80.8kw ( IR dryer: power of lamp:2kw9(first term) 3groups , power of blower:0.55kw23groups, UV dryer: power of lamp : 8kw2,Power of blower: 1.1kw,Cooling device power of blower : 0.04kw42 groups, Colling group air-condition: 0.75kw2,Power of motor: 0.75kw ),Adsorption fan: 0.55KW7
Power of Automatic delivery : 1.15kw
Especially suitable for whole frame
UV Series : UV spot varnish UV full varnish UV moshaUV refractionUV frothcolor crystal etc and fake against printing .
Color ink series : all silk printing color ink series.
Remark:Will no inform if the introduced optinals have rejiggered.
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