Printing Machine

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Printing Machine Description

1, according to the form of plate classification

Divided into relief, offset, gravure and porous printing machine; divided into flat type, circular applanation type and rotary type printing machineinstalled version and embossed structure

(1) letterpress printing machine

Letterpress printing machine: relief printing press. The use of gravureprinting process of the complete machine. If card machines (resinversion), print, zinco, set number character etc..

(2) lithographic printing machine

Offset printing machine: planographic press. The use of offset printing process of the complete machine. Such as multi-color machine, four-color machine, two-color machine, single machine, fast printing machineetc..

(3) the intaglio printing machine

Gravure printing machine: intaglio printing press. Gravure printing process using the complete machine. Such as aluminum foil bags ofinstant noodles, biscuits glass bag printing packaging etc..

(4) screen printing machine

Screen printing machine: screen-process printing press using the screen version of complete printing process machine. Porous printing: such as screen printing, printed circuit board, cloth flower printing, printing,printing, Tin Ming local glazing etc..

According to the classification of the ink printing type

(1) colour printing machine

Monochrome printing machine: single-colour printing press a printingprocess, in the side of a printing machine for ink paper.

(2) double color printing machine

Double color printing machine: two-colour printing press a printingprocess, in the side of a printing machine two kinds of color paper.

(3) the multicolor printing machine

Multicolor printing machine: multi-colour printing press a printing process,one side of the paper printed more than two kinds of ink printingmachine.

(4) double colour printing machine

Double sided monochrome printing machine: perfecting press a printingprocess, are printing machine printed in both sides of the paper.

(5) the double-sided multi-color printing machine

Double-sided multi-color printing: multi-colour perfecting press a printingprocess, the paper at least double side printing printing machine more than two kinds of color.